Welcome to Going Vertical Inc.

Barry Rhodes of Going Vertical, is a Licensed General Contractor who relocated to the Wilmington area from Pennsylvania and started his career in the construction industry some twenty eight years ago. After receiving his General Contractor License, Barry started his company Going Vertical Incorporated. Barry is a Custom Home Builder, building custom homes in numerous distinctive neighborhoods in the tri- county area, as well as commercial properties.

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Waterford of the Carolinas is a host to a number of his spec homes and custom homes. Barry has also built in Winding River, Lucia Point, Windward Oaks, St. James Plantation and several other fine neighborhoods. His ability to listen to his home buyers and understand and work with their needs has made him popular in many of the more desirable communities. Quality of construction is another reason for his success in the larger home market.

Barry knows as a home builder that the market is very competitive. Barry keeps up with the latest technology in home building materials so he can give his customers the best possible durability on the inside and out, understanding his clients desire for less maintenance and more peace of mind. Since Barry calls for building beyond code, he will use stronger materials and dimensions so his clients know they are buying as solid of a home as possible without losing value. Barry is also mindful of the cost of each project.

Barry is a down to earth person who will listen to your every comment, concern and request so that you get what you want out of your new home with less maintenance, more peace of mind and value.

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